Aurora Borealis

There are some lights, to watch they are bliss

They are the lights of Miss Aurora Borealis

Miss Aurora is a magnificent sight

With her dazzling colours of swirling light

Amazing shades of green and yellow

Some very sharp, some very mellow

Shapes of smoke from a cigarette

She has only just started she hasn’t finished yet

Displaying colours, fantastic rays

Darts off like a rocket, then slows and sways

Apart from Betty, she’s the most beautiful thing I’ve seen

Colours of plenty including red, blue and green

Aphrodite the Goddess of love

And Miss Borealis playing above

I adjust my eyes and try to focus

She is casting a spell on me hocus pocus

Moss Aurora has me under her spell

I look at Betty, she seems to be as well

We stare,gape, we look in contemplation

At this magnificent, glorious creation

Not a word between Betty and I are spoken

We do not want the spell to be broken

We seem to have been watching her for hours

Drawing us in with her hypnotisng powers

I decide that now is the time to get on bended knees

“Betty I love you, will you marry me please?”


I feel an insatiable greed
A desperate, wanting, furious need
I start to bite and nibble on her skin
Forgot that skin is so thin

I cut her skin with my teeth
Blood seeps from underneath
I watch the blood exit from her skin
It makes me excited, I start to grin

I grip harder on her skin, pull harder on her hair
She’s crying out in pain and I don’t care
I love this powerful controlling feeling
I find it erotic and genuinely appealing


The Sun’s warm rays, the cool summer breeze

Oh how I love days like these!

Blissfully unaware of people walking by

Two young lovers gaze into the sky.

Side-by-side, he holds her tight

It truly is a beautiful sight!

The tartan blanket lays neatly on the ground

They lie there together not making a sound.

He pulls her in close, she tucks her head in

Close into his neck…under his chin.

Her hand unhurriedly strokes his chest

His hand lays still…upon her breast.

He tenderly kisses her cheek, asks for no consent

She looks relaxed, happy and oh, so content.

She enters into the realms of relaxation

Body relaxed as though under sedation.

In their own world, not a word spoken

A lovers’ spell… never to be broken.