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Fight The Fight by K A Shaw


 Fight The Fight

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I have trouble moving my left side

I have trouble smiling wide

I had a disturbance in my blood supply

That caused a small part of my brain to die

It happened last month, as I awoke

I was semi paralysed, I had taken a stroke

The hospital took great care of me

But they couldn’t fix my dulled senses or poor memory

Before the stroke, I was so full of life

And now I find it hard to hold a fork and knife

I used to be able to tie my own shoes

Am I fighting a battle that I am going to loose?

NO, I will not loose, I am going to fight

The winning post is within my sight

I will fight hard until the end

On my inner strength I can depend

I will punch, scratch and bite

I will make sure that I win this fight

I am not the person I used to be

But I will not let my disability get to me

I will fight the fight with all I have got

I will take it out, with a single shot

I shall stand tall and proud in height

I shall win the battle, I shall fight the fight

By K A Shaw (c) 2010

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